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An Ancient Art
Karate means literally "empty hand" in Japanese. Unarmed combat where your body is the weapon was developed in the orient several hundred years ago. Now you too can learn Zenshin Karate, the Martial Art that will make you fitter, better disciplined and able to defend yourself against great odds. Zenshin Karate provides a structured course with qualified and experienced instructors. Classes are available for students of all ages and experience from complete novice to the Black Belt.

More than self defence
Aside from being one of the most effective and efficent forms of self defence available Zenshin Karate will also get you fit. It is a great way to shed unwanted kilos and keep them off. The regular exercise of Zenshin Karate training will see an improvement in muscle tone, flexibility and endurance.

Family Values
In a world where families have less time for each other, here's one activity that brings them all together. Many parents who have enrolled their children in Zenshin Karate have decided to join in. It's a terrific source of fun, togetherness and family spirit. For Dads, it's great for physical fitness. For Mums it's great for flexibility and self defence. Kids develop self disipline, courtesy and respect.

Classes for everyone
There are classes for all grades, from novice to expert. Regular classes everyday means there is sure to be a time to suit you. Special children's classes cater exclusively to the needs and abilities of the younger enthusiast. No experience is necessary and you don't need to be fit, as you progress at your own rate. Come and watch some classes to learn what it's all about.

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